Stephan Sachse

I am a Professional


Let me introduce myself.

Corresponding to my surname, I am a genuine Leipziger. I studied Business Informatics in the trade fair city and first got to know the financial world from the point of view of insurers. Later I did my PhD in the Competence Center "Sourcing in the Financial Industrie" on Fintech and customer-centered self-advisory. After an excursion to the startup scene, I now approach challenges in a creative way. Driven by curiosity, I bring in fresh impulses into research and practical projects.


Masters Degree in Business Information Systems

  • Stephan Sachse
  • March 1985
  • Married
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I have a broad range of interests. Thus, my skills are constantly evolving. In addition to the skills that accompany me in my professional life, I am constantly looking for new challenges. Topics currently occupying me are DLT, AI, Conversational Interfaces, and DAOs.

Digitalization 90%
Finance 85%
Customer-centricity 90%
Innovation 95%